NEWSLETTER: Proof That Non-Invasive Combination Treatments Work!

After four years of non-invasive treatment, these untouched pictures reveal the truth about defying age! We wanted to give full disclosure of the treatments Dr. Hartsough received to achieve these results. The combination of different aesthetic treatments methods, like the ones that Dr. Hartsough received, are extremely effective in addressing age-related changes on multiple levels and produce results far more dramatic than previously seen.

At Canopy MD Hartsough Dermatology, we know that each patient looks old for his or her own reasons, and deserve a unique approach those specific reasons. Sun damage, volume loss, and gravity all play their part in making us look older that we feel. The important thing to remember when searching for the fountain of youth is that there is not one magic potion for every aging concern. Our goal here is to offer you solutions for your specific needs, not to sell you a one size fits all package.

During our free consultation, we will discuss age related changes in skin, fat, muscle and bone. After that we will make an individual patient evaluation, and design a treatment plan to help you achieve your goals, either short term or long. Whether you just want Botox for a special event, are looking for a way to undo all of those sunburns when you were younger, or woke up one morning to discover that your cheeks are now your jowls, we would be honored to help.

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